Let's be honest...renovations are never easy or seamless. More often than not they're over time, over budget and less than fun. We've experienced it first-hand with projects in our own homes, where you suddenly feel so overwhelmed by the scale of the project before it even begins, that you quit while you're ahead...and that bathroom stays in the '70s for another 5 years. I feel you. I really really do. Which is why we borrowed the concept of 'chunking' from cognitive psychology, and applied it to our design solutions to help homeowners reimagine their spaces one room at a time with our Room Rescue service. We love the art of repurposing, whether family heirlooms, seemingly 'dated' décor, or items that we've just grown bored of. You'd be surprised how your home can be transformed with your own belongings and a few strategic additions. Let us help you rediscover your home's potential.

Olja Mitchell is a designer and interior stylist who splits her time between Toronto, ON and Kelowna BC with her husband and sweet doodle pup, Welly. She specializes in residential styling, e-design, and full-service design and implementation.